10 Commandments of Fitness

  1. Thou shall never skip a workout on Mondays. Monday starts the week, and to start the week on a negative note is one of the worst sins you can commit with fitness.
  2. Thou shall not put others down. Everyone has different goals, and to judge others for not meeting yours is vain. .
  3. Thou shall not make excuses. Nothing is worse than someone who doesn’t try.
  4. Thou will always listen to your body. Your body will let you know when it is time to take a short one to two day break; don’t overstress yourself in the name of fitness.
  5. Fitness is a lifestyle, not a quick fix. Thou will maintain a lifelong mindset of wellness. Take a day off…maybe two, but NEVER quit.
  6. Thou shall always drink plenty of water. It is vital to muscle development, organ productivity, physical health, and mental wellness.
  7. Thou shall not covet others; love your body for what it is. It is the only one you have, so accept it. Don’t wish to be others, make others wish to be you.
  8. Thou shall not shortcut. The best things in life do not come free or easy; a healthy body is included.
  9. Thou shall have a goal in mind. Every person who achieved greatness had an end result in mind, a goal that pushed them to be their best. Have that end goal for yourself.
  10. Thou shall always get enough sleep. Sure, aiming for 8 hours of sleep per day may seem ambitious with modern lifestyles, but getting enough sleep is vital to promoting recovery of broken down muscle fibers, keeping your mind sharp, and energy up!

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