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How to make eating healthy FUN!


Hello readers,

I hope everyone’s resolutions are holding up well thus far, no matter what they are. Personally, I’ve only lost three pounds since the new year started, but even slow progress is still progress. As the first half of January gets further in the rear view mirror, remember your goals and stick to them; consistency is key, which begs the question: how can I make eating healthy FUN?

The answer to the questions has many forms, but the main ways I try to make eating healthy fun are 1) switch it up and 2) CHEAT MEALS.

Firstly, eating “healthy” can be a drag if all you know how to make is the classic chicken and rice meal (I personally love to eat chicken and rice); the trick to making it fun is by expanding your menu, if you are not one of the people who can live on the formerly mentioned meal. If you food prep to save time during the week, make every week a different theme: mexican food, Italian, vegetarian…etc. Although most of the mentioned foods have a rep for being carb-cities, there are still ways to modify it. Make your own noodles/tortillas/shells out of vegetables, instead of beef, eat chicken or fish, instead of dressing, try using more seasoning for more flavor. Play with the food you eat and try to make something new; or slightly modify foods from the “Tasty” or “CookingPanda” channels.

Furthermore are the things that keep a lot of people on their fit train throughout the week: cheat meals! Look, unless you are a competitive bodybuilder or elite athlete, chances are that you don’t NEED to eat “clean” 100% of the time. It all depends on your goals; if you don’t mind slow progressions to your goal, don’t be afraid to indulge yourself a little every now and then; don’t be afraid to take a cupcake or two or three, don’t be afraid to go out with friends and live a little at fast food restaurants. Life is short, and to waste  precious time being tedious about the food you eat is absurd; barring health issues or competitions for athletes, there are few reasons to reject your family or friends from enjoying your company. The table is where majority of relationships are made and built. And the reason I say “reject” is because for a large MAJORITY of people, going out with people to restaurants is an almost absolute certainty that some sort of unhealthy food will be eaten and result in a snowball effect on the rest of the night.

If you are someone who wants fast progress towards your goal, set a cheat meal schedule and stick to it; aside from changing your meals throughout the week, knowing that your favorite food is waiting for you at the end of the work week will keep you focused and committed. Just remember to schedule your cheat meal for the evening, so that you can keep track of your eating all day and save most of your calories for the evening; I find that whenever I eat a cheat meal in the morning, the effects ripple into the rest of the day, and my cheat meal turns into a cheat DAY.


Thank you for reading fitties; remember to comment below and subscribe to the page. Share share share! Have a great week and stay strong with your resolutions!