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5 Benefits of Having A Workout Partner

Hello readers! Let’s get buffed out! With the Christmas holiday coming to a closing and the New Year about to begin, I would like to discuss with you why working out with a partner would benefit you. This would definitely become relevant when deciding to commit to your Fitness Resolution with a friend or relative. Some of you may prefer to workout solo, keeping the focus and intensity at a level that you want (which is perfectly reasonable), but for others, working out with a partner is almost a necessity. With that being said, here are some reasons to workout with a buddy.

  1. EXTRA MOTIVATION/ACCOUNTABILITY: As previously stated, some prefer to workout alone, but for a large amount of people, that is simply not an option. For those who need that extra push or vote of confidence, this will come in abundance when you have a good workout partner. They will be the ones telling you “one more rep!” as you are beginning to feel like racking the weight and calling it a set or “one more lap” as your run at the track is coming to a finish. They will be the ones who compliment you the most on your progress and help you see the small changes that your mind will not allow you to. They will be the ones who help you break through your ceiling.  Also, having a gym buddy will mean that you MUST meet your friend at the gym at the agreed time (morning or afternoon) otherwise, that would make you the friend who stands people up. This accountability will be what drives you to stay focused on making it to workouts and maintaining discipline with your eating, because to have a good partner, you also need to BE a good workout partner.

2. SPOT ME BRO!: Of course, when we are pushing ourselves (particularly with weightlifting) it is best to have a reliable spotter. With a partner, you will no longer have to worry about not completing that extra rep that you feel would be a significant challenge at the end of your set. Your partner will be there to aid you if your muscles begin to exhaust mid-rep. You will also be able to return the favor. By spotting each other, you and your partner will be able to tear those muscle fibers even more by completing those few force-reps. “The difference between being good and great is one more rep!”

3. GAP IN KNOWLEDGE: If you happen to be a beginner in your workout of choice, having someone who has experience accompany you will be invaluable as you progress towards your goals. If your partner is knowledgeable, they will be able to give you tips on improving technique, maximizing workouts for muscle growth and conditioning, and how to use alternative workouts to utilize the same muscle groups. Although this type of knowledge can be gained on your own (via youtube), the feedback and input from a “coach”, so to speak, is something that you can’t put a price on. For example, when I first began lifting in 7th grade, the only exercise I knew (from watching workout scenes in movies) were the bench press and isolated dumbbell curl, albeit my technique was sloppy. Through the help of my workout partner (family member), who was a senior in HS, I was able to learn new techniques and workout routines for when I was alone.

4. PARALLEL LEVEL OF FITNESS: Having a workout partner whose knowledge and fitness level mirror your own, will give you someone to grow and compare yourself with. Whether it is you and your partner’s first day on the grind, or your one-thousandth the comparison will always be able to be mad. The mirrored fitness level will also make it easy to push each other’s limits in a friendly competition, if you are the competitive type. This type of competition makes use that extra gear during and at the end of a workout, because no one wants to be the “loser”.

5. “COUPLES THAT WORKOUT TOGETHER, STAY TOGETHER”: The old adage may not be scientifically proven, but it can be assumed that by working out together, people in relationships can strengthen not only their bodies, but also their relationship. If you choose to have your SO be your workout partner, you will know that your support system at home will be rock solid. Your foundation will be strong; with both of you on the same page and chasing your own respective fitness goals together, the only thing stopping you from achieving them is yourselves.

So there you have it; 5 reasons to workout with a partner! I hope everyone’s Christmas holiday went amazingly. Comment what you think of the post, other reasons to workout with a partner, and don’t forget to share! Share! Share! Share! Thanks for reading and have a great day!


How to make working out FUN!

MERRY CHRISTMAS #FitFam! Let’s get buffed out!

I’ve heard many people say that they would love to begin living a lifestyle of wellness and health to chase down the ever-elusive six-pack, but ultimately don’t because of their hate for physical activity. By focusing on what they hate, they neglect the most important part of anything that we do: the fun part. You see, keeping the “I hate exercise” thought in our head while working out is counter-productive; personally, I have always loved working out, but only committed to it when I enjoyed what I was doing. I quit sport after sport throughout early childhood. It wasn’t until I found wrestling, weightlifting, and jiujitsu that I found my niche. Now there is nowhere else I’d rather be! With that being said, here are a few ways to make working out fun:

  1. WORKOUT WITH A PARTNER: If you hate working out, doing it alone is definitely not going to do you any favors. It’s like getting a tattoo or going out to eat; it’s always better to have someone there with you. Your workout partner (friend) will keep a conversation going with you, make jokes, and hopefully push you to do better, making the endeavor fly by without you noticing a single drop of sweat being dropped.
  2. FIND SOMETHING YOU LOVE TO DO: It is the spirit of competition that  I love, and the accountability that I have to hold myself to; I love the fact that success came to the personal effort put in by me. Now, I’m not saying that everyone should join wrestling (although that’s what I think), but the same concept can be applied to everyone. Find a sport or physical hobby you like, whether it’s walking your dog, biking, golf (without a cart), swimming, or even my personal favorite: jiu-jitsu! You will only do something long-term if you enjoy doing it.
  3. HAVE A GREAT PLAYLIST: In case you didn’t get the memo, music enhances anyone’s mood during a workout. Whether you perform better angry, happy, or energized, there is always music that will fuel your inner flame. Just put on your headphones and let your inner flame burn baby burn!!
  4. MAKE IT A GAME: My workout partner and I occasionally use workout dice to switch up our routine; if you have the extra cash laying around, you should invest in some. They change up your workout and make you feel anxious as you are thinking of what the die will issue out to you. If that isn’t enough risk for you, make BETS with your partner or with yourself. I know that when I bet a free trip to the sushi-buffet that I can do more reps than he or run a little longer than him, it definitely makes me WANT to do it.

Merry Christmas readers! Don’t forget to start making some New YEAR’S resolutions! Make at least 5 so that you have a chance to complete at least 1! Resolutions post is coming soon!